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The Outcomes of the Humanitarian Centre’s Activities for the Week of August 11-17


Within the period of August 11 to 17 the Humanitarian Centre conducted its activities in the four major areas: evacuation, relocation, delivery of humanitarian aid to the ATO zone and to the places of immigrant residence, and targeted assistance to children, treatment.

3,301 persons (incl. 1,129 children) have been evacuated from the ATO zone. Almost daily trips are made of Snizhne, Khartsyzsk, Yenakievo, Thorez, and Donetsk.

428 people have been accommodated in the tourist bases, in sanatoriums and camps outside the war zone. First of all, they are orphans, mothers of large families with minor children and critically ill patients (oncology, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV, mental disorders), and pensioners. The temporary migrants are provided with free accommodation and meals.

4 people have obtained targeted assistance for treatment and rehabilitation.

7,850 people were rendered with humanitarian aid. Food kits, personal hygiene products, baby food, diapers, medicine have been delivered to the residents and temporary migrants in  Regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In addition, the SCM Group in the framework of Humanitarian Centre have rendered the following humanitarian aid:

Metinvest regularly provides humanitarian help to the residents of Avdiivka, including a local hospital, where 6 oxygen cylinders have been transferred. Volunteers also organized a weekly distribution of food packages to Mariupol.

DTEK continuously restores the power supply in the ​​ATO zone and addresses the problem of water supply to the residents of Rovenkiy - the company provides people with free water from the wells of its enterprises

"Shakhtar" FC has rendered  humanitarian aid to displaced children in the camps on the Azov Sea coast. The club has also provided a sick child from Artemovsk with a five-month supply of insulin.

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