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Rinat Akhmetov

The philosophy of charity

What is my philosophy of charity? Charity is the ability to hear other people's pain. Charity is the ability to share other people's pain. Charity is a systemic fight against the systemic problems. Charity is a focus on result. Charity is openness.

What does it mean to build a team that shares this philosophy? These people should have a big heart to perceive the pain of others as their own. These people should have good eyesight to see the systemic problems. These people should be smart, have experience and knowledge to solve these problems. These people should work hard, so that everyone could feel our help, not just create the visibility of work. And all our team shall be open. Open for society, open for mass media, open for new ideas, open for partnership. 

I like the words "charity has a quiet voice". That is why I silently helped those who needed help. It was my principle, my first stage of charity. But, unfortunately, our country has numerous systemic problems, and no one can solve them with quiet voice. These problems should be talked about, spoken up or even screamed about, if nobody can hear us.

I am deeply convinced that systemic problems can be won only by systematic approach. That is why SCM established the corporate charitable Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. It was my second stage of charity: the stage of corporate social responsibility.

My third stage of charity started in 2008: the stage of personal responsibility. Why did I come to this decision? Because I know that I will always do charity work.

Work principles of the Humanitarian Center

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