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Where they work wonders: a family-type children's home congratulated Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

Longtime friends of “Say No to Orphanhood!" programme, the Basarab family, visited Rinat Akhmetov Foundation to congratulate its employees on the coming New Year and to give presents. READ MORE

“Rinat Akhmetov to children!”: half a million gifts

On the New Year’s Eve, the students of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in Kramatorsk took part in the “Rinat Akhmetov to children!” campaign, which has been going on for 17 years already. Over the past three years, thanks to this good tradition, more than half a million little Donbas residents have received New Year's gifts. This year, Rinat Akhmetov’s gifts have brought joy to about 100 thousand children, including 6,000 orphans, children from boarding schools and family-type children's homes. READ MORE

One hundred thousand of children received gifts from Rinat Akhmetov

On the New Year holidays’ eve, Rinat Akhmetov gives presents to children. Over the past three years, more than half a million kids have received holiday sets, and 100,000 children have received sweet and warm gifts from Rinat Akhmetov this year alone, including 6,000 orphans and pupils at boarding school and family-type children's homes. As for “Rinat Akhmetov to children!” campaign, it has been held the 17th year in a row. READ MORE

In January, mobile volunteers of the Humanitarian Center are delivering 6 thousand of survival kits to the “grey zone”

In January 2018 mobile teams of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center are visiting 26 Donbas settlements, which suffered most from the war, to deliver survival kits there. In some of these villages and towns there are no working shops and pharmacies. There are frequent blackouts, water supply and communication interruptions. The Humanitarian Center has been providing help for people living in such difficult conditions for more than three years, supporting the most vulnerable social groups, including elderly and disabled people, children and large families. Over the time, about 12 million product packages have been issued. READ MORE

2017: lives- measured results. BLOG by Oleksandr Vyshniakov, the director of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre

December is the time for summing up. Commercial structures strike their balances in hryvnias and dollars, industrial enterprises - in tons of manufactured products. Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center has its own, most important statistics - saved lives. READ MORE

“Rinat Akhmetov to children!” campaign: 17 years of good tradition

Rinat Akhmetov gives presents to children each year, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day and ahead of the New Year holidays. The initiative of the FC Shakhtar president was introduced in 2001, eventually turning into a large-scale charity event. READ MORE

With love to children. BLOG by Rimma Fil, Coordinator of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre

It all seems to begin just yesterday, although 17 years have passed since the first charity event “Rinat Akhmetov to Children!” The event has become an annual one and is held for the 17th time already. READ MORE

Targeted assistance of the Humanitarian Centre: how to leave an application?

For Nadiia Martynenko from Kostiantynivka, the diagnosis of her eldest son was a real blow. After 14-year-old Anton was inspected by doctors, he was diagnosed with the serious disease, an exostosis. This is a benign lump on the bones that interferes with the normal work of the muscles causing the trapped nerve endings. The boy suffered pain in his leg, it became difficult for him to move. Since the disease has the ability to actively progress in adolescence and there is a risk of degeneration of the tumor into a malignant one, the doctors recommended that Anton be urgently operated on. READ MORE

12 million of survival kits, or the Duty to be a leader. BLOG by Oleksandr Vyshniakov, the director of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre

Assistance to those in need in Ukraine has become a mass phenomenon. On Sunday, the country celebrated the Day of Charity, and today this is not just a date on the calendar, but a socially significant event. It's nice to realize that Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and the Humanitarian Centre created by him are the leading part of this flow. READ MORE

More than a million saved lives: Day of Charity in Ukraine

Every third citizen of our country donates for good purposes, and according to the experts, there are more and more benefactors every single year. While in 2014 Ukraine was ranked 103rd out of 139 in the world charity rating, according to the World Giving Index, in 2017 the country rose to the 90th position. This is the achievement with which Ukraine has entered the Day of Charity, which started to be celebrated nationwide 10 years ago. READ MORE

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