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The Restoration of Power Supply in the Region of Donetsk updates. DTEK Summary for August 17


41 DTEK Power Engineer were involved in restoration of power supply in the Region of Donetsk within 15 teams and 28 cars, using special equipment.


Major events of the day:


• DTEK Power Engineers restored power supply in Abakumova settlement, Trudovskoy settlement in Kirov, Region of Donetsk. Nearly 10 thousand of private homes and apartments have been energized.

• According to the time the scheme, the electricity is fed to the water treatment plant and to the office of Donetsk railway in Yenakievo. Today, at 8:13, during the hostilities, 110 kV high-voltage line was disconnected, which had provided the main power supply for these facilities.

• There are first electricity consumers in Gorlovka: the electricity is restored in city hospital No. 2, and also at Gorlovka coke plant and Gayevoy mine.

The hostilities have de-energized the following:

• 77 settlements in the Region of Donetsk are still de-energized (including partially or fully):

Peski, Vodyanoe, Nevelskoe, Pervomayskoe, Netaylovo, Umanskoe, Novopetrovka, Semenovka, Grigorevka, Krinichki, Stepano-Krynka, Russko-Orlovka, Pokrovka, Grabskoe, Mnogopole, Agronomicheskoe, Leperskoe, Poltava, Kuteynikovo, Metallist, Klyonovka, Elizavetonikolaevka, Bondarevo, Grigorevka, Volodarskoe, Novaya Derevnya, Zerkalnyy, Pobeda, Merezhki, Svobodnyy, Zelenoe, Sadovoe, Novonikolaevka, Verbovka, Fedorovka, Stepnoye, Vyselki, Ovoshchnoe, Bolshoe Meshkovo, Svistuny, Kobzari, Karlovka, Staromihaylovka, Pervomayskiy, Gorbachevo, Berezovskiy, Grishki, Pokrovka, Vonogradnoe, Voykovo, Novopelageevka, Tretyaki, Zorka, Kozhevni, Dubrovka, Peredereevo, Peresypnoe, Zrubnoe, Chugunokrepinka, Marinovka, Stepanovka, Saurovka, Tarany, Latyshevo, Dmitrovka, Vodianoe, Shaposhnikovo, Zarosschenskoe, Revino, Veseloe, Spartak, Novogrigorevka, Lebyazhyy, Vasilevka, Krinichnoe, Ryasnoe.

• A big part of Gorlovka remains without the power supply. On August 8th, Gorlivka-110 kV substation was damaged by a shell; about 80% of the city - 260 thousand people – found themselves without the power supply. Micro-districts of Rumyantsev, Quarter 51, Mirnyy, and settlements of Aksenovka and Novogorlovka were de-energized. The Kirov Machine-Building Plant and the tram and trolleybus city administration were also de-energized. Gorlovka dairy factory, meat processing plant remain de-energized. Because of the damage caused to high-voltage lines by fragments of projectile, factories of "Stirol", "Elastomer" LLC, knitting factory, and Gorlovskaya Lenin and Kalinin mine under "Artyomugol" SE are de-energized

• Right now, there is no electricity in Gorlovka filtering station No.2 , “Water of Donbass” UE. Therefore, residents of the Central urban area, micro-districts of Stroitel, Komsomolets, Kurganki, Mashzavod settlement, there is no water in part of Solnechnyy and Bessarabkiy micro-districts. Repair of the damaged power line by  DTEK power engineers will be possible only after providing them with the "green corridor".

• In Donetsk, Grabari settlement in Kuybyshev District, three multi-storey houses remain de-energized.

• GLP-2 Substation at the "Tochmash" plant was mined in Donetsk


On 17 August, brigades of Gorlovka, Gorlovka Vostochnaya, Avdiivka, Torez, Shakhtersk, Debaltsevo, Snizhne RES of DTEK Donetskoblenergo and DTEK High-Voltage Networks Khartsyzsk, Donetsk, Gorlovka networks have not been able to carry out the repair works due to the hostilities.

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